Monday, July 23, 2012

[Daily Readings] 072412 For Tuesday

General Daily Reading

Ugh. I should start getting used to the Cross.

Imagine my reaction when it was the first card that popped up. lol

This Daily Reading was different from the previous ones I had (posted or not), as this was done a day before rather than early morning. I'm gonna experiment for a while which one would be more accurate.

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Linear Interpretation

Suffering caused by a man's abundance of nervousness.
End to a man's nervousness caused by liquid/substance.
Conversations with a man from the past would be abundant.

Mirroring Technique

Cross + Fish = Financial burdens; Overwhelming burden
Man + Birds = Anxious man; 2 men(?); man conversations

Advice Card

Total: 2 = Clover

Luck! Or something of little amount, but pleasant nonetheless.

Ahh... this one's so tricky. I dunno what to make of it. I'll see how it works out for today.

Something peculiar about the advice card though, remember on my previous reading, I said that I'll try and surprise him with a random text but didn't get around to since it was getting late. (And I dunno what to text him. lol still do!) But since the cards here feature a (electronic) conversation with a man might be present, maybe the advice card is telling of a second chance at it. I dunno though, the Cross still freaks me out. :\ We'll see...

Outcome Update

The cards are quite funny! :) Day's highlight definitely was with my Merlion, even if it isn't the relationship reading. Cross + Fish is particularly funny, it turned out to be "lots of liquid intake because of pain". We were eating at BonChon, and he wasn't one to tolerate spiciness but still insisted, (maybe quite worried? Man + Birds) haha. He normally drinks veeeery little (only about 1/4 of a regular glass), and I always try to call him on it, but this time he can't help but drink an entire large-sized drink. It was so funny. In my interpretation from above, I think " Conversations with a man from the past would be abundant." is right on the money. He is a man from the past as we share a karmic relationship (Nodal and Vertex contacts in our natal charts), and conversations (even in texts) were more plenty as of late.
Another thing I noticed was, based on Andybc's Lenormand Theory , is that Clover represents dietary needs, and on a more practical and daily level, it might have been hinting on our late lunch. Man + Birds also struck me at the time. I decided to wear my contacts on this day, and whenever I do, I seem to notice that he's a bit fidgety and cannot look at me in the eye anymore. I've always worn glasses, and he seemed to like the 'sparkle' in my eyes whenever I wear contacts. The glasses have always been in the way back then. lol It was cute. He kept stuttering for a moment and seemed to divert our DNA conversation to the eyes. (lol at our 'normal' conversations) Guess what, it so happens that Birds also rule eyesight, or the eyes! 
 Lenormand is so awesome.

Relationship Daily Reading

Linear Interpretation

Beginning of a romantic encounter
Small surprises of messages of a sexual overtone.
A young-looking man will have news of wisdom and contentment.
A young man will have news about an older man.

Advice Card

8 = Coffin

Hmm... Since it's an advice card, I take it to mean that a transformation must be made, an ending must take place so that the new may enter. It's a slow card, so I shouldn't expect for any changes to take place right away. The Child card assures me though that a beginning is starting to take place and that it will pick up speed as with the Rider towards a wiser disposition. Now that I've typed it out, the Coffin does seem to make sense with me more. I dunno how it would unfold, but we shall see!

Outcome Update

The day with him definitely had a fresh quality to it. It was pleasant and light, and it seemed a lot of heavy air was lifted from last week. He was oddly distant and moody(?) back then. Bleehh it's like he was on his own monthly period. hahaha just kidding. Anyways, I did sense some Lily tension going on, especially when coupled with the Man + Birds above. It was a very nice day. I think I owe a lot to Child + Lily and Coffin, there definitely was something different about yesterday, like a fresh start. He also said he had thought of me when he found an ebook about Face Reading, then went on to describing my features and how it meant (with a few stuttering fits and mental blocks on the side). Ahh... it was kinda cute and sweet. ♥

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